How You Save Money

A trip to the Marquette Hotel allows you to spend key time bonding with family, lets you experience many of the same comforts of home, and gives you the space and equipment to explore a real city neighborhood. With so many amenities and offerings to enjoy, it’s amazing that your visit also allows you to keep extra cash in your pocket so that you can have more money to spend at the city’s hottest bar or to splurge on dessert during your next meal out. Take advantage of one of our many promotions or discounts and read through the list below to learn how booking your stay at The Marquette Hotel saves you money when traveling without compromising what’s truly important—an unbeatable location and direct access to the owner and general manager of the property 24 hours a day.

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Purchasing the land for a parking lot, maintaining it, and paying for snow removal is expensive, and costs add up fast over time. By using free street parking in the neighborhood surrounding the hotel, we are able to avoid these associated costs and save each guest an average of $35 - $45 per booking. Plus, parking amongst real neighborhood residents allows for the most authentic Madison experience.

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By using our self check-in system, we do not have staff members manually checking you in. Not only does this allow for a faster, more efficient, and less frustrating check-in process, but it also cuts down on costs associated with running a lobby 24 hours a day such as staff costs, lobby maintenance costs, and energy and utility costs. This saves you an average of $55 - $65 per booking.