Where do I park?

Frequently Asked Questions

Parking at the hotel is easy. While we don’t offer on-site parking, there is free street parking in our residential neighborhood surrounded by our friends and neighbors, allowing you to truly live like a local during your stay. To park, find an available spot and follow the posted city of Madison parking restriction signs. Though parking may be a little heavier during special events, typically traffic is moderate in our neighborhood. Please see the picture below for convenient parking options. All of the parking spots that are highlighted have an approximate walking time of 1-4 minutes from the parking spot to the hotel. The blue highlighted spots have an approximate walking time of 5-6 minutes for additional parking options. There is a 15 minute loading zone in front of the building for convenient luggage drop-off prior to finding your spot. If you have any questions about parking, please visit the City of Madison’s parking information page here: https://www.cityofmadison.com/parking-utility

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How do I get in my room?

How you enter the building depends on which room you have booked. The majority of our units can be accessed through the main entry. Room #1 and room #111 each have their own private entries. Unit #1 can be accessed through the white door at the front of the building. This door is located on the yellow building and to the right of the main entry. Unit #111 can be accessed through the back of the building. To find this unit, enter through the black fence to the left of the brick building and follow the sidewalk all the way to the back. All of the doors have been clearly labeled in the photo below.

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How do i log in to the wifi?

The WiFi password can be found in each of our hotel units. In every room, we provide a quick guide to the hotel. The WiFi password is listed on this laminate card. To avoid bandwidth overload and provide a faster internet connection, each floor is equipped with it’s own router and unique log-in information.

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